Should My Business Still Get a Toll-Free Number in the Internet Flourishing World?

Should My Business Still Get a Toll-Free Number in the Internet Flourishing World?

Telephones seem going increasingly farther away from us in the modern world where the Internet is being widely used in all fields. For business in today’s world, it’s still necessary to get a toll-free number for business because it can truly boost your business.

What is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number is a telephone number starting with a three-digit toll-free code like 800, 855, 866, 877 or 888. It is usually used as a customer service hotline by a large organization or corporation. Without calling charge and long-distance rates, a toll-free number is extremely accepted by customers due to its money pressure relief.

When a toll-free number contains words like 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-NEW-CAR, it becomes a vanity number. Compared with ordinary toll-free numbers, vanity numbers are easier to remember and let their business or field immediately known by others.

How a Toll-Free Number Boosts Your Business?

Generally speaking, a toll-free number boosts your business in two ways, to save the client money and increase your sales. To be more specific, it helps you with your business in the following aspects:

It Releases Customers’ Economic Pressure on Communication.

Based on what its name indicates, a toll-free number doesn’t call for any calling charge from callers no matter where they make a call. Even though the call is made from other places, long-distance charge isn’t needed as well. Therefore, it’s favored by customers.

Moreover, a toll-free number provides a convenient contact way to customers who would like to talk to a real person instead of an AI. As long as the call is answered, customers’ problems will be instantly dealt with or arranged in a schedule. In addition, a toll-free number can be also texted as long as the text feature is enabled. Therefore, toll-free numbers help customers release their pressure to try to solve their problems through online talking.

It Improves Your Business’s Credibility.

An 800 number indicates the high scalability of your company because toll-free numbers are mostly used by organizations having branches in different places around a country or the world. Therefore, it’s not difficult to speculate on the scale of a company with a toll-free number service.

It Improves Your Sales.

A toll-free number improves your sales mainly in two ways. On one hand, a toll-free number is so easy to remember that a simple glimpse lets customers keep your brand in mind and once they need your business, the first tunnel that occurs to their mind may be your phone number.

On the other hand, a toll-free number is more beneficial to turn potential customers into real ones than other types of marketing modes. When a potential customer with interest in your business makes a phone for more information about the business and pricing, you can know their locations and phone numbers. You can record them so that you can chase and persuade customers to submit an order finally by calling them. Even if the customer turns down your business, you can still have more contact with him or her through social media because most social media accounts are registered through a telephone number.

In the case of potential customers getting to know your business through the Internet, it’s a little difficult to trace or grasp a potential customer who reads your ad on a browser. Although you may get some information about the Internet user from Internet Service Provider based on the IP address, it’s immoral to do that. In addition, most Internet users have a high awareness of cybersecurity and privacy and a VPN is usually used to stop their online activities from being tracked or monitored. As a result, you can’t get their contact information not so easy as well.

How is a Phone Number Different from the Internet as a Communication Tool?

A phone number is always faster than the Internet in the case of problem solving. Or, we wouldn’t have emergency calls but emergency apps or websites. Up to now, the first solution to emergency cases is still to call instead of video calling although we now spend more time on video calling than phone calls due to the increasing popularity and wide applications of the Internet.

Even though the Internet has been widely used in all fields of our life, it is undoubtedly ruining our memory. Besides the telephone numbers our family hold, it seems impossible for us to keep telephone numbers in mind anymore. That’s why a toll-free number is needed for your business growth.

The communication tools based on the Internet perhaps belong to different platforms. For example, you must have friends or potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube. To keep them informed by your business news, you should gradually upgrade your posts on the applications above. It’s a little difficult to combine them into a common platform. However, there’s only one platform for phone number users, that is, through dialing. Therefore, as a communication tool, none has a straighter way than a telephone call.

How to Get an Easy-to-Remember Toll-Free Number from PhoneNumberWorld?

PhoneNumberWorld is an online website where you can quickly buy local numbers, toll free numbers and vanity numbers at low prices. It’s quite easy to get a toll-free number on it.

You can get it by conforming to regular steps:

Step#1. Click Toll-free Numbers and select the beginning three-digit numbers.

Step#2. Filter selection conditions like number patterns, industry, and price.

Step#3. Select corresponding number and add it to cart.

Step#4. Check out and complete payment and you’ll have a toll-free number.

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