What is a Vanity Phone Number and How It Boosts Your Business

What is a Vanity Phone Number and How It Boosts Your Business

What Is a Vanity Phone Number?

What is a Vanity Phone Number Like?

Simply put, a vanity phone number is a type of custom phone number that is easy to remember or easy to dial or both. Even though you just get it heard only once, you can remember it immediately. Most vanity phone numbers are toll-free numbers that usually start with 800 or other numbers like that.

How Many Types of Vanity Phone Numbers Are There?

Type#1. A phone number using repeated digits like 1300-222-888 or 1-800-800-8000.

Type#2. Add a business name to a number like 1-800-Flowers that clearly reminds customers of your business.

Type#3. Use a string number to indicate a meaning based on its pronunciation, like 241-0-241 (“two for one”).

Let Your Number Stand Out. How Is Vanity Phone Number Helpful in Your Business?

Since millions of phone numbers are available, why should I get a vanity phone number? Well, a vanity phone number can truly boost your business by generating more leads and increasing sales.

Vanity Phone Numbers are Easy to Remember.

Admit it or not, it’s increasingly difficult for us to remember things. On one hand, there’s so much news and information for us to go over every day and it has filled our brain. On the other hand, the convenience current technologies give us saves our efforts to think and recite. Our life is filled with so many commercials every day and how many of them can you keep in mind? Few, right?

However, the top feature a vanity phone number covers are its easiness to be remembered. When you have a vanity phone number, it takes you few efforts to keep it in mind due to its repeated digits or business scope. Compared with website or commercials, a vanity phone number makes it easier for word-of-mouth referrals because customers can directly share your business instead of “I’ll share you the link on WhatsApp later”. No one knows when and whether this link can be shared or not.

Vanity Phone Numbers Improve Your Brand Loyalty or Recognition.

When you hold a vanity phone number for your business, you’re establishing your brand recognition, which is also a type of marketing or advertising. You’re using the vanity number to tell your potential customers that you’re quite reliable. As soon as they need your service, you’ll definitely be ranked among top 3.

Moreover, a vanity phone number is useful to improve your business competitiveness. As a vanity phone number is used to reach you while your competitors are reached through a website or other channels. You’ll be ahead of them.

Vanity Phone Numbers Expand Your Reach for Clients Nationwide with a Toll-Free Number.

Most vanity phone numbers are toll-free numbers so that customers would like to get you due to the absence of calling rates burden. Being easy to remember allows people to think of it and being free of charge gives them a reason to say “why not try”.

A vanity phone number can be used locally and internationally. It provides a method for you to establish a communication media through which you have contact with customers and you are available for potential customers as well.

Vanity Phone Numbers Really Help Increasing Sales.

It seems that phone or calling is an old school that is being replaced by the Internet. It’s incorrect, however. There’s a survey indicating that the ROI resulting from phone calling is much higher than from the Internet. Internet is a huge world where numerous sources are reachable by numbers of people. The internet may have a high traffic but it may not be that accurate for marketing. Marketing through phone, however, brings forward a one-to-one relationship between a sale and a customer, dramatically increasing the possibility of converting potential to practical.

Vanity Phone Numbers Are Easy to Get and Help You Reduce Cost.

Vanity phone numbers are beneficial to increase your brand awareness and reliability. Its another key merit lies in the fact that it is easy to get one online and helps business reduce cost. Vanity phone numbers can be acquired online, without the need of telephone line building, buying a new telephone because online vanity phone numbers can be used through the Internet on any device as long as they can get access to the Internet or cellular data.

Compared with landline plan services, vanity phone numbers can be used both locally and internationally, leading to lower costs for telecommunication.

How to Get a Vanity Phone Number on PhonenumberWorld?

Step#1. Access the homepage of PhonenumberWorld.

Step#2. Create or Login your account.

Step#3. Fill in your area code to search numbers.

Step#4. Confirm your favorite number and add to cart.

Step#5. Pay for your number.

Why People Choose PhonenumberWorld to Get a Vanity Phone Number Online?

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